Research about shiatsu massage can challenge ways of seeing shiatsu and certain traditions, but it is our belief that research strengthens our profession, and provides guidance for shiatsu massage therapists to be as effective as possible.

The Shiatsu Research Foundation is a charity that has been set up with the intention of funding quality research projects, helping publish research papers, and publish books that are related to shiatsu research.

It was set up recently and our first concern is to find funds to award grants to those conducting studies that seek to advance our understanding of specific therapeutic applications of shiatsu, and the role of shiatsu therapy in health care delivery.


We are organising an International Shiatsu Congress in 2016 to raise funds.


Because the foundation was set up recently, it is as yet an unregisterd charity. We are hoping to be able to register it next year.


All our projects at present are volunteer-driven.