The Shiatsu Research Institute is a research organisation based in London, that carries out and commissions research into the clinical effectiveness of shiatsu massage.


Our intention is to promote research in the effects of shiatsu therapy at all stages of life, from newborns to senior citizens, and for many conditions and diseases.

We would like to see the safety of shiatsu, and any positive and negative effects it may have on receivers, at the forefront of research projects.

Research in shiatsu is very limited. There are very few serious studies and we believe this has hindered the progression of the profession. Research can also challenge ways of seeing shiatsu and certain traditions, but it is our belief that research strengthens our profession, and provides guidance for shiatsu massage therapists to be as effective as possible.


The Shiatsu Research Institute is a charity whose aims are setting up and carrying out research studies that seek to advance our understanding of specific therapeutic applications of shiatsu, and the role of shiatsu therapy in health care delivery. We want to ascertain whether shiatsu can positively impact on the health of people, whether shiatsu massage needs to follow the same safety guidelines as more traditional types of massage, whether it is safer, or whether one needs extra precautions.


Definition of shiatsu

What is shiatsu?